17 February 2008

We got into cards one rainy August afternoon... Lil G was bored so we found some paper, glitter and glue and she made some 'cards'!

Then we ran out of paper, glitter and glue and went to the local craft shop.

I had no idea what half of it was for! What on earth is decoupage, quilling, tea-bag folding (seemed like something you'd throw away to me!) and why was there so much fuss about rubber stamps and all these powders??

Then I found the DoCrafts website and all became much clearer...

The gang on the CraftTalk forum on DC is fantastic. They are very talented people who are willing to help and answer even the daftest questions.

So that's how it started. Now we're hooked. Many hours and £££s later, this is what we do!


Hi there!

Thanks for visiting!

Me and Lil G have recently got into making cards and we thought we would like to show you some of them.