28 January 2009


... Hi all! No cards to show yet, sorry, but I just wanted to share the progress being made with the old trapped nerve. Getting so fed up of not being able to work/drive/move/live! that I bit the bullet and went to the Clinic of Chinese Medicine today.

Now that was an experience! Firstly we had a good ole chat about why my back/neck/hips/shoulders, etc are so sore. Then we talked about how having me put down was NOT an option and how Chinese medicine can make a difference.

Then he stuck a whole load of needles in my head, neck, back and hands (yes, HANDS!! I wussed out of having the ones in my feet - eeuuww!) and cleared off for half an hour! So there I sat, like a ruddy hedgehog, on me tod, and started to nod off. Just as I was getting comfy, he came back and pulled them all out!!

Thought that was it, but then he started on some serious massage with what I thought was a roller thingy. Really painful. He said I'll look like I've been flogged by tonight! When he stopped, I asked to see what he'd used and couldn't believe it! A Chinese SOUP LADLE!! I've got a whole set of them to go with my little Chinese soup bowls!

So I've been stabbed and beaten up with a soup ladle and charged a lot of money for the privilege! AND I'm going back for more on Saturday!! I KNOW!!

But it feels much easier. And it's cheaper than the morphine/methacarbamol/diclofenac, etc, in the end.

So there you are - all you lovely folks with aches and pains really need is a tub of Tiger Balm and a soup ladle.... have you sorted in no time! Hugs xxxxd

25 January 2009


Hi all! I've actually managed to get some crafting done - I've made a few for the Poppicrafts DT and a few for myself to use. My oldest friend and I were both 40 last year, but neither of us managed to celebrate it, so we've decided that we'll have a joint bash at the end of March (before one of us turns 41!) - so I'm making the invitations....

My next-door-neighbour celebrated her birthday this weekend so I made this. It's an unashamedly CASE-ing of one of Liz's cards, over at Pink Petticoat. But I love her designs and this colour combination (pink/mocha) so I thought I'd nick it. I don't know if you noticed, but I've used Christmas Rose for the image cos my neighbour is pregnant and it works perfectly for this occasion - but I've edited the image slightly so she's holding a cake instead of a Christmas pudding (hope you don't mind, Liz!).
The downside to all this crafting is that my body is seriously complaining. This trapped nerve is being very stubborn and I had to resort to the morphine tablets again - boo! I still can't turn my head to the side very well and the pain is often keeping me awake at night, but I had to get these things made!
So, back on the morphine again today and finishing off some invitations if I can. Hugs xxxxx

17 January 2009


Well this working for a living thing is bit pants! I don't get much time to craft/blog/play and it is with my head hung in shame that I realised how late these thanks are!!

Firstly, I got this award from three very talented people: Sue Lesley, Barbara and a new friend, Jackie! Thank you so much for thinking of me, ladies. It is a real honour to be considered for these.
I have to pass this on to 5 blogging buddies (we'll come back to that later!) and list 5 things I'm addicted to. So here goes:

1. Cardmaking and crafting
2. Chocolate (duh, what else!)
3. Dormens' Spiced Nut and Satay Bean Mix.
4. Sunshine (I get SADS otherwise!).
5. Top Gear.
My new friend, Jackie, is an extremely talented crafter and she's also very kindly given me these two awards as well!

I have to pass these onto to 5 blogging buddies, too (we'll come back to that later, honest!). And finally, I need to say a great big thank you to my good friend, Barbara. She also gave me the Marie Antoinette award. She's had a shocking few months and it's so good to have her back in blogland in one piece. Hugs to you, Hunnybunny xxxx

So that's my grovelling... I'm sorry it's taken so long to get around to this. It doesn't help that the trapped nerve is still stuck where it shouldn't be (must be a bloke nerve - won't ask for directions LOL!) and the morphine is making me a bit left of centre...

Going to try for some crafting this weekend, so watch this space.... oh, and given that I'm rapidly approaching 15000 hits on this little ole blog, watch out for blog candy - COMING SOON!

Hugs xxxxx

6 January 2009


Well, better late than never! No cardage to display - sorry! just haven't had a lot of time - but wanted to send good wishes to all in Blogland.

Hope you all had a good festive celebration? We had a quiet one again. Don't do much now without Dad. But we make a bit of an effort for Lil G. We were hoping to go out for New Year's with her, but the weather was so bad we decided to stay home and watch the fireworks over at the pub.... but the weather was soooo bad they didn't have any! So we had a naughty midnight feast, turned all the lights off and watched the fireworks over the Thames on the telly!

Not much else to report, except for a trapped nerve which is really getting on my remaining nerve - drugged up on morphine most of the time, which is a hoot and much cheaper than Baileys LOL!

Will try to get some crafting done this weekend, if I'm lucky! Hugs xxxx