31 October 2008


We went trick-or-treating with the Lil Devil herself and then went to the Halloween bash at her new school..... and she only went and won 1st prize in the fancy dress competition!!!.... AND....

... our pumpkin won 1st prize, too!!! Hope you all had a scarily good night ... wah! ha! ha! ha! (evil laugh) xxxx


30 October 2008


A sneaky little peek at what I've been up to in my very limited spare time! You love the poinsettias, eh? Well get yourself along to Poppicrafts and get the set - it's brilliant!!!

You can also get the black blooms and the clips, there, too - get your credit card out and treat yourself!! You NEED this stuff......



... honest. Just been so stupidly busy that I haven't had time to blog! Although I blog without obligation - no, really I do - I owe some people some thanks that are long long LONG overdue.
I've been given the Wylde Women award by a new friend, Lesley, over at Pinkles Dreams (her stuff is F A B!!), so thank you, Lesley.

I've been given the LOVE YOUR BLOG award by my mate Vikki over at Vixx-a-Craftin' (go and say hi to the newest member of her family, what a cutiepie!). Thank you very much, Vikki!! xxxx
I'm very nearly at the end of this silly assignment (only 3 more weeks to go!) and then I'll be back to CraftandBlogLand!! Can't wait. Really not enjoying this job at all, not least because it keeps me from my passions in life!!
I'm just about to upload some sneaky peeks at my stuff for Poppicrafts!
Hugs to you all xxxxxx

17 October 2008


Hi all! My very talented friend Natalie has reached 1000 hits on her blog and is offering some dead scrummy blog candy - you gotta be in it to win it, so pop on over and when you've finished drooling over her cards, enter the draw!! xx

15 October 2008


.. that holds a thing that I can't talk about yet cos it only went in the post today and the recipient won't get it for a day or so... but it's a great thing. TFL x

14 October 2008


Just had to share this little gem from Lil G last night... still laughing this morning, and it's really NOT funny at all....

She stood at the door, all serious and sad-looking and announced in her 'important' voice that:

"Oh, Mummy. Charlotte is very upset cos her Daddy is getting dwarves".

I howled with laughter.

Lil G: "It's not funny, Mummy. It's very sad."

Me: "No, it's hilarious. What's he going to do with dwarves?"

Lil G: "I dunno, maybe get 7 beds?"


Lil G: "No, Mummy. It's very sad! Stop laughing!"

Me: ROFL even more. In tears now.

Lil G: "I meant to say that Charlotte's Daddy is getting DIVORCED!"

Me: Reaching for oxygen.

So not funny, but I am a bad bad person.


12 October 2008


.. but not sure this should be it. Made this for my cousin's wedding and it's picking up their colour scheme. Hope they like it! xx

7 October 2008


And doesn't that make a change, eh?

Oh, where to start?? Well, my beautiful baby girl started at her new school yesterday and is like a totally different child. She has been so miserable at the old one and I feel a bit guilty that I didn't do this before the summer... but she's there now and it's a gem of a school with happy kids, happy parents and happy teachers - what a difference!! I've got my smiley girlie back - yay!!

Even 'yay-er' than that, there is good news from the hospital on Barbara's husband (see below) which is fantastic. They say the outlook is now good and he's making progress. Hugs to you all xxx

But even 'yay-er-er' is a little bit of news I'm bursting to share - I've been asked to join the Design Team for Poppicrafts!!!!!!! How chuffed am I? Can't even begin to tell you what a boost to my confidence that is!! (Although looking at the work of my fellow DT members, I'm a little worried, to be honest; they are SOOO talented!).

So a 'good news' day, which I love!! Hugs xxxxxx

4 October 2008


Been in close touch with Hunnybunny since her hubby's dreadful accident and am happy to share the following with you today:

Hi all, really pleased to tell you that Don is waking up very slowly and he is responding to voices, particularly mine, I ask him questions and he either nods or shakes his head. He is such a fighter, I asked him to give me a smile and he did! Even the nurses were in tears! He is very agitated though, which is normal as they don't know where they are or what has happened to them, but he responds really well to my voice so I just keep talking to him. Its going to be a long and slow process, but he is a very strong man and he is really fighting, in fact he has 'boxing gloves' on to stop him pulling his tubes out and he hates them, he tries his best to get them off! Today I got the message that the Liverpool footy team are signing a shirt for him, they have heard about him and his accident, he will be made up, he has been a Liverpool fan for years but this was his first live attendance (and last!!) The police rang me today to update me about the investigation and everything is coming together now, the witness statements etc and they have CCTV footage, they have been very supportive and can't do enough for us. Can't believe a week has passed, its like being in a time warp, our lives have been turned completely upside down but its amazing the progress that Don has made in that short time. Keep your thoughts and prayers going, cos they sure are working! Love Barbara and Family xxxx

Fab stuff, eh?


1 October 2008


The good news is the nose is healing well and, despite being broken, it's not bent. And she starts at her new school soon, so that's more good stuff. Oh, and the bucket's gone, too. More by accident than design, I confess - head, table, wedged, bust, oops - but she's healed up well, too. She had another jab tonight which might make her depressed again (what a riot) but she's on the mend as well.

Bad news. Oh, very bad news indeed and I ask you all to spare a good wish or a prayer to whomever you pray for my good friend Barbara (our very talented HunnyBunny) and her family. Her husband, Don, was knocked down on Saturday night by a women doing more than 60 in a 30 zone. He's in a critical condition and the prognosis is not good. So please, if you can, send positive thoughts their way - they need all the help they can get right now.


*****UPDATE** Heard from Barbara and her husband has made some progress overnight - they now say it's looking good - YAY!!!! Keep those good wishes coming, folks!! xx