26 June 2010


We bought a new dress and have to show it to the world!!


Following on from my last post, she was so chuffed to get all these beautiful cards and especially the one from Jessica, asking to be her pen-pal. Jessica wrote and told her all about herself and Georgia couldn't wait to write to back and tell her that they have SO MUCH in common (bless!). She made this:

This was her first attempt with the (MY!) watercolour pencils and I think she's done a great job. Daddy cut out the backing paper for her and she stuck it on, punched out the flowers and leaves, raided her stash for the little sparkly bits and put it all together. No, really. By herself. (Oh, apart from the blue 'aura', which I did). I don't know whether to be worried or impressed!!! Probably both, actually! What do you think? xxx


My baby girl has been very unhappy since her best friend moved far away. They have moved for work, but the little one was very upset about leaving friends and family so her mother decided that it would be best not to stay in touch with anyone here. Make of that what you will, but it left my girlie heartbroken, especially because they didn't tell us that they didn't want to stay in touch. So I asked some of my lovely DoCrafts and other crafty friends if they would send my little noggin a card. And they were so kind - she got loads! And she now has a pen pal, too!! A proper one, with letter-writing and sending cards and stuff, not emailing!

She loves getting stuff through the post and has really perked up. So I thought I would share some of them with you:

From Suzi & Jessica and Maureen

From Alex and Maureen

From Linda and my very good friend, Vicky

This one came with my birthday card from our lovely friend, RosiePosie.

My little noggin is smiling again! She still misses her friend, of course, but she's so touched that all these lovely peeps sent her such beautiful cards.

Thank you all. Your friendship means a lot. Hugs xxxx

20 June 2010


I can't be with mine today - it'll be six long years at the end of this month - and I know there are many of us in the same boat.

But I also want to wish my o/h a very Happy Father's Day ... he and Lil G have a very close relationship, just like I did with my Dad. She's a proper Daddy's Girl, too, which is lovely. We're taking him out for a slap-up lunch!

To my Dad, whevever you are, you know I love you and miss you every day. Doobie xxxxx

Hugs xxxx

8 June 2010


When it's a pub... apparently...

The picture is from the Leicester Mercury newspaper (he was also featured in Saturday's Mirror newspaper, too!) and the very dashing creature lounging on the sofa is my big brother. And he's entered his 'shed' into Cuprinol's "Readers' Sheds" competition (I know.. !). It's a great shed, if I'm honest - I've stayed in it! And I think now he's had it extended, you can probably see it from space!! Just thought I'd share xxx (oh, if you get a mo and you wouldn't mind, please click HERE and vote for it!)xx