19 July 2010


.. Still no card, I'm afraid, but I'm really hoping to get some free time this weekend to make something.. anything!! Just wanted to share a little gem from my baby girl..
Daddy was working all weekend, so I decided to take her across to our local pub, who do a really good carvery on a Sunday. I hadn't realised quite how often we go there until we walked in and the landlady said "Hi Debs, what can I get you both?". I answered that I would just have a coke. But you should have seen the look on her face when Georgia said "I'll just have my usual, please, Sandra"....

We both collapsed in giggles, and, before you all call Child Services on me, I should explain that Georgia's 'usual' is actually a glass of chilled milk with a straw!!

Out of the mouths of babes... x

6 July 2010


Hi all. I've been absent for a while, sorry. No card this time either, but I do have some very good news - well, for me anyway.
My car started making some odd noises. I had her checked out by a local garage and he said she was fine. That night, she started making some very odd noises. So the lovely people at Lexus Assist came and got her, took her away and arranged a courtesy car for me. Not happy.
Even less happy when they rang me to say that the head gasket had blown and it had caused a lot of damage to the engine. BIG money to get it fixed. And she's out of warranty - typical.
BUT, after 5 days of stressing over a possible £4,500 repair bill, the lovely man at the Lexus garage has just rung to say that they don't feel she should be like that after only four years so they're PAYING FOR IT to be fixed!! How good is that???
I've spoken to friends and colleagues who drive similar cars and they can't believe it. They've all had trouble with their cars which have been 'just out of warranty' and been told 'tough'.
I'm blown away.
I have to say that the customer service has been excellent - truly remarkable in this day and age - and I'm hugely impressed.
So I thought I'd share xxx