29 May 2011


Morning all! It's a horrible grey day here in rural Lincolnshire - but then it IS a Bank Holiday weekend, so I shouldn't really be surprised!
Anyway, I found out last weekend that a very close friend of mine has just been diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer. She starts chemo on Tuesday to hopefully shrink the tumour so they can at least stop the little bugger spreading any more.
Anyway, her sister and I had a chat and we (along with my lovely Lil G) are going to take part in the Race for Life on the Lincolnshire Showground on 10 July. (For those of you around the world who may not know what this is, it's in aid of the Cancer Research charity and is supported by Tesco supermarket. There are events around the country and it's a women-only event.)
For those of you who know me, you will know that I'm not a runner/walker. I'm a swimmer. I don't do running. If I need to be somewhere faster than walking pace, I take the car. So this is big.
Now, you can probably see where this is going...
My Dad used to ring me up and say "You owe me money" and I'd ask what for? He'd say "For the raffle tickets you're about to buy!"
I am not going to adopt the same tactic, but I am going to ask you if you can spare a few pence to sponsor the three of us.
Here's the link you need:
Race for Life
We've set ourselves a target of £250, so anything you can spare would be much appreciated.
Thank you all and have a great Bank Holiday weekend! xxx

22 May 2011


Hi all! I know it's been AGES since my last post... so busy and no mojo since the hair slides episode. Which is why I didn't want any more craft stuff for my birthday - I have tons and no time to do it lately. So I asked for a new handbag. And look what I got:
It's from the Dandy collection by Disaster Designs. I got a handbag, purse, mirror, make-up bag, wash bag, weekender bag, mug/coaster and a flask! How spoilt am I??? I love this design, very shabby chic and reminds me of Melissa Frances.
You may or may not know that I'm a big red panda fan (I have one at Bristol Zoo, well for this year, anyway) so my very talented Mummy painted this:
Absolutely amazing. She's very good, isn't she?
Anyway, off to eat birthday chocs for breakfast! xxx


My very lovely hubby bought me some yellow roses for my birthday. I bought him a macro lens (nope, me neither) for his camera and he took this of one of my roses. How beautiful is this? xx
He has his own blog for his photos...

2 May 2011


Hello all! I can't believe we're in MAY already, nor how long it's been since my last post! We've been away on holiday (spotted that thing where, if you take 3 days' leave, you get 11 days off in row!) but I did manage to smuggle in some craft stuff to our luggage!
This is what I've been doing:
(beautifully modelled by my very own Lil G, by the way!)
I made the one above cos the bought one she had fell apart. Glue gun and a few flowers from WildOrchidCrafts and hey presto!
I made the red/white one for school (and cos I found some red roses in my stash...)
This one was made to go with her new outfit and cos purple is her favourite colour... and you may notice that I've started to add a bit of bling as well now...
No idea why I made this one but I was on a roll...
And finally...
... this is the reason that I bought the slides, once I realised I could make them pretty. This one is for a wedding later in the year and I love it. What do you think of them all?

Did you all have a good Easter break? We had a good holiday, but it was tinged with sadness as we lost a close friend just before we went away. But it's best for him as he's not in pain any more. And he can keep my Dad company, heaven help us!!

TFL xx