28 January 2009


... Hi all! No cards to show yet, sorry, but I just wanted to share the progress being made with the old trapped nerve. Getting so fed up of not being able to work/drive/move/live! that I bit the bullet and went to the Clinic of Chinese Medicine today.

Now that was an experience! Firstly we had a good ole chat about why my back/neck/hips/shoulders, etc are so sore. Then we talked about how having me put down was NOT an option and how Chinese medicine can make a difference.

Then he stuck a whole load of needles in my head, neck, back and hands (yes, HANDS!! I wussed out of having the ones in my feet - eeuuww!) and cleared off for half an hour! So there I sat, like a ruddy hedgehog, on me tod, and started to nod off. Just as I was getting comfy, he came back and pulled them all out!!

Thought that was it, but then he started on some serious massage with what I thought was a roller thingy. Really painful. He said I'll look like I've been flogged by tonight! When he stopped, I asked to see what he'd used and couldn't believe it! A Chinese SOUP LADLE!! I've got a whole set of them to go with my little Chinese soup bowls!

So I've been stabbed and beaten up with a soup ladle and charged a lot of money for the privilege! AND I'm going back for more on Saturday!! I KNOW!!

But it feels much easier. And it's cheaper than the morphine/methacarbamol/diclofenac, etc, in the end.

So there you are - all you lovely folks with aches and pains really need is a tub of Tiger Balm and a soup ladle.... have you sorted in no time! Hugs xxxxd


Ruth (ooffee) said...

Awww - hope this helps you feel better!

Hugs Ruth x

Mandi said...

Aww bless ya for writing such a comical account when you are in such pain! Well I do hope it works for you Hugs mandi xoxox

dddeeebbbzzz said...

A soup ladlel?!!! It sounds horrendous, but having suffered with back pain in the past I know that I'd have done anything to sort it out!! Hope it gets better soon.

Michele said...

You certainly have a way with words! lol. I Hope your back is better soon.
I have tagged you, details on my blog.
Michele x

Michele said...

Me again! Sorry, forgot to say also an award for you.
Michele xx

Suzi B said...

Lol! YOu do make me laugh! Glad things are feeling a little easier, even if you do have to resort to using the contents of the utensil pot!!!

Suzi xx

Zoe said...

Lol, you make me laugh! Hope it makes you feel better!

Kirsten said...

Oh Debs, poor you! Hope you feel better very soon. Hugs, Kirsten x.

Sue said...

Oh you are funny. Sorry your suffering, I've been through the same thing and the pain is awful. I have to admit to trying everything too, even acupuncture, although I got away with the ladle thing. Hope you get better soon. Sue.x

Julie said...

Hi Debs hope it was worth it and that you are feeling a bit better! Just stopping by to say you've been tagged.

Macpurp said...

feel better soon, I love complementary therapy's!

you did make me giggle!

love tina x

a message from gillyflower said...

oh as a sufferer of chroninc back pain i have tried everything too but i don't think i have been beaten with a soup ladle before i'll get hubby to have a go tonight haha
seriously hope you can get some relief soon i know what it's like living on strong pain relief no fun at all so all the best and hope you are soon on the mend

Caroljenks said...

I was cringing just reading it!!!

Hope it's helped - and today's session!!!

Looking forward to following your blog :)

Carol x

Suzi B said...

You've been tagged!

What you have to do is to go onto your comp. where you keep your piccys & choose the 6th. folder & the 6th. pic... post on your blog & explain.

please see mine - http://www.handcraftedbysuzib.blogspot.com/

Suzi xx