2 May 2009


Got up this morning feeling really duff and with horrible creaky backache again. Didn't feel up to doing much at all... but His Lordship decided it would be a great idea to go out. 'Don't want to', I said. "Think of the fresh air.. blah blah blah..." he said.

So off we went to the local garden centre. Triffic. Dead impressed. Honest.....

.. till I saw their huge craft section!! Perked up, I did. A lot.

Oddly, £70 later, he wasn't looking quite so perky!!LOL.

Been really struggling to find Melissa Frances stuff. Even the best retailer over here only stocks a fraction of the range and it's bloomin' expensive. So I was dead chuffed to find the Papermania 'Signature' range - bought 'Regency' and 'Blueberry Hill', which are quite similar to the muted pastel colours of MF. Also found some Basic Grey rub-ons which are gorgeous. Got the Core'dination's 'Whitewashed' pack, as well. Oh, and a full set of Whispers and blending pens.....

.. serves him right!! I do feel a lot better now, though... so maybe he was right in the first place?

I hope not, cos I'd hate that.

PS What do you think of the new background?


Mandi said...

PMSL way to go DEbs thats the kind oftrip out Im in favour of LOL

Have a good weekend hun

mandi xx

Mandi said...

LOVE the blog background...soz

a message from gillyflower said...

hi debs thanks for dropping by my blog even though i'm not doing much at the moment
picking up though the pills are starting to do their work so glad as so fed up of being just so flat uninterested and sad
mind you (i'll tell you if you promise not to laugh)i'm a bit stuck with my back at the moment as put it into spasm whilst shaving my gorilla legs in the shower a week on and i'm still doubled up so no more leg shaving in our house
love the blog you have some gorgeous things on it love the box catch you again soon i hope
gill x
ps lil G cheered me up with her version of easter oh kids can't help but love em

Cass said...

I love Melissa Frances paper too.I got some fro my local craft shop but hate cutting it up.I'd love to see more over here as I'd buy it.I see it used a lot on the scandinavian blogs.The Papermania Blueberry Hill pad is gorgeous as I just used some on a card.
Glad you had a stash laden day and are feeling better,even if hubbies wallet ain't...lol
Cass xxx

New background is lovely.

Tracey said...

Now that's my kind of day out... so kind of him to spend £70 on you..... he he he

Foxcraft said...

Sounds like Karma if you ask me Debs! I'm loving your new background :o)

Are you and G gonna join in with the challenge on my blog?

xxxx Caz

Caroljenks said...

So glad your trip turned out good after ;)

You feeling better had nothing to do with OH being right tho......it never does ;)

Carol x