13 September 2009


She made this from a kit we found. I cut the bits out for her - not too keen on letting her loose with a guillotine just yet - and then left her to it.

I tied the string onto the tag, but she chose where to put it. I think we have another budding crafter among us! I hope you like it. I'm very proud of her and she's very proud of it!

Well, we had to find something to do this weekend cos we've been stuck in the house for two days. Hubby's car gave up the ghost in a HUGE way on Friday night (head gasket blew) and he's working all weekend so he had to take my car.

Frantically trying to find a set of wheels before Tuesday, when we are both at work, in totally opposite directions (and about 20 miles in either direction from our house)!

So crafting seemed like a good way to keep her amused for a couple of days. We've also painted another of those laundry
tablet boxes and we're waiting for that to dry before we cover it in paper, like the one I made with Pink Petticoat papers a while back.

TFL xxx


jay670120 said...

This is wonderful , I love the image too.

Caroline and Jayne said...

this is beautiful if you fancy sharing your projects, entering competitions, challenges & much much more come and visit our craft blog www.fiskarettes.co.uk

Vicky said...

how clever is your little one? she definately has her mummys flair! keep it up lilG!!! xxxxx

Julie said...

Well done LilG and lovely card