5 November 2009


.. for my neighbours. It's his birthday today and it's coming up to the anniversary of the death of her father.. so a mixed sort of time. And there's six weeks to go until their first baby is due.

Except they found out yesterday that their precious little baby has died.

And she still has to deliver him. I have no clue how you cope with something like this and I have no idea what to say to her. I think we'll send flowers.

Will there be a funeral? Does the birth and death have to be registered?

Is there anything more cruel in the world?

So, please spare a thought (or say a prayer if you do) for them.

Thanks for reading xxxx


Sharon said...

This is just terrible Deb, your poor neighbours, my heart goes out to them. This happened to one of my closest friends when my eldest was born. They found out the day after I had her that their baby had died & she had to give birth to her (out of 20 delivery suites they were in the same one I had been in!)They had a funeral & everything. We still talk about their little girl as she's always comparing Niamh to how Shannon would have been now if she'd lived.

Very very sad for anyone to have to go through.


Sharon x

Hunnybunnycards said...

How very sad, they say things happen for a reason, but what reason can there be for such a loss?? Also happened to a friend of mine, it was heartbreaking, he was a pefect little boy and nothing could be found as to why he died. I hope they find peace and please let them know that many thoughts are with them.


Handmade with Love said...

Hi Debs

So sorry to read your post. I went through this seven years ago, yes you do register the birth and usually have to register the death in person too. A funeral is optional and depends on your poor friends wishes. Just be there for her and let her talk if she wants too and don't feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to speak to her as facing people after this has happened is very difficult and its good to know people are there for you. Sending you and your friend lots of love. Tracey x

Oma said...

Many years ago, the woman across the street lost her little boy at 38 wks. He had died as the umbilical cord got a knot in it. She too had to undergo a delivery of a still born baby boy and also had a funeral for him. My heart goes out to your neighbour. As Tracy said, just be there for her if she wants to talk.

amccay said...

So sorry....they will be in my prayers....