5 August 2011


... just been away for a while. I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. But it wasn't through laziness. I've been a bit poorly. The best way to explain it is to say that the world started to spin a bit too quickly for me and I needed to get off for a while. So I came out of hospital, packed up my job and have been spending some quiet time with my hubby (who is struggling with a 'rotator cuff impingement' or something painful) and my girl.

But I'm back now. I've been asked to make a card so I'm about to brush away all the cobwebs from my craft room and let the daylight back in. Then I need to find the box marked 'mojo' and try and come up with something amazing!!

Watch this space! xx


Mau xx said...

Hi Debs, Good to have you back xx Sorry things have been a little rough for you. Hope this lovely sunshine and blogging soon has you up and running again.
Take care, Hugs Mau xx

Mandi said...

Good to see you.
New day eh Debs
Take care xx

tilly said...

so pleased you are feeling better,enjoy getting back to your cardmaking

rosie said...

hope you are feeling much better very soon.
sorry things have been difficult for you lately.
hope everything gets back in order for you all soon x