8 March 2008

Some Favourite Suppliers

We get stuff from lots of places, but one of my favourites is Pink Petticoat - you should check it out. Loads of images, papers and ideas and I use quite a lot of their stuff in my card-making.

To get the basics, like card and glue and stuff, I like MadAboutCards and the Glitter Pot, amongst many others, because of their excellent range and customer service.


Vicki said...

Hiya, Welcome to blogland. Your site is fab and Georgia is gorgeous. Happy blogging, will pop by on a regular occassion, xx vicki xx (codycrafts - do crafter)

Julie said...

Hi, glad to see you've started blogging. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Julie said...

Hi Debbie, just stopping by to say you've been tagged, see my blog for details