31 March 2008


Really choked up cos the lovely PINKGEM has given me this award!! It's for blogs that inspire you to make stuff. How cool is that!!?? I feel quite humble, actually, cos I often look at PinkGem's stuff for inspiration - and her stuff is fab - so to get an award from her is quite something!

So I have to pass it on to 3 others whose work has inspired me..... how tricky is this? There are so many talented peeps out there that only choosing three of them is going to be a riot.

In no particular order:

Well, the first one is going to be Zoe's blog - A PERSONAL TOUCH - because I think her workmanship is superb and I love her designs.

(Struggling a bit to find two others that haven't already been given this award!) The second one should be SUEPLAYINGWITHPAPER cos not only does she make fab stuff, she teaches you to make it too!

My third one has to go to Julie - JULIESINKSPOT - because... well just check it out and you'll see why...

BUT I would like to give a special mention to MRS V H, who unfortunately doesn't have a blog - yet! - but whose designs are fab!!


Sharon said...

Well done you, you deserve it. I was honoured by Pink Gem as well but I need to figure out how I display it & what I do with it LOL!!
Sharon x

Cass said...

Well done!Well deserved.

Cass xx

Cathy said...

Well done you - KraftyKizzy gave me one too - I was well chuffed.
You deserve it your cards are fab. I still struggle to emboss the top and bottom of the card evenly - I end up sticking a band over the centre of the card!!
Great blog.

Julie said...

Hi Debbie, just saying thanks so much for passing this on to me, I really appreciate it.

Emma said...

Hi Debs. Just popped on to have a nose. The blog is fab!! Say hi to Georgia for me and I am off to link you on my my blog!! Have a lovely day, Em,x

Cass said...

I've tagged you Debs.Check my blog for details.
Cass xx