11 December 2008


Hi all. Done all your shopping? I have - I know! Cheated, though. None of us wants anything ('cept me, lots of craft stuff LOL!) so we've all bought each other gifts from World Vision. I've bought my friends a goat and a set of fruit trees. Confused? Well it's all from WV's MustHaveGifts. You buy them for people in Africa, etc. The goat, for example, will be used to provide milk for a family and then bred to enable the kids to go to another family... and so on. Great idea, innit?? Got school dinners for a whole year for 3 children in Africa for my other friends. Brilliant!!
Anyway, here are a few cards I've made recently:

Just got no time for anything much at the moment. Given up on the whole village shop idea cos I got offered a full-time job - what do you do, gotta pay for the craft stash somehow, eh? And I just couldn't turn down good money in the current climate. Fed up with no time to craft, though. Hope you're all well. Hugs xxx


Macpurp said...

so you went with the full time job, good plan.
you need to pay for stash somehow!
I love the gifts that give idea, I like to shop on the send a cow site.

am almost done , need to make a few voucher holding cards.

Kirsten said...

Well done you! I love these new cards, I think the blue is my favourite.

Tracey said...

These are beautiful Debs, my favourite is the pink one at the bottom. - Well done. Tracey x

Janet said...

Wow!! these are just gorgeous Debs!!X