12 December 2008


...Nativity play! Lil G was already a bit fed up cos they were doing that "Mary and Joseph story AGAIN and we did that last year!!"
But it was fab. They all did so well and yes, there were tears.... from the parents!

There's a DVD of it coming our way, too.... Worryingly with "bonus footage"!! Not sure I want to know! Lil G was "Star #1". There was lots of singing, including a fabulous rendition of "While Shepherds Washed Their Socks By Night" (yes, really!) and some funky dancing by the shepherds, too.

Well, that's that one out the way for another year - yay! xxx


Macpurp said...

Lil G looks fab!!
I love it when the kid at the front waves when they see their family!

Kirsten said...

Bless her, jaded already!! :) She looks gorgeous & so proud of herself.

Tracey said...

I know, isn't it a bore, the same 'ol story year after year.... bless... Well she looks great, glad to see her lovely hair is growing back..! Happy Christmas Georgia - Love Tracey x

Janet said...

Aw bless her! I always had to take a pocketfull of tissues when my kids were in things like this....many,many years ago lol.X