2 February 2009


Now there's a title for a post, eh? How you all doing? Not too snowed in, I hope (although it would mean no work and lots of crafting LOL!). We got told the BIG snow would be happening at 2 pm today but so far it's been a bit disappointing up here... ho hum.

Been back to the Chinese Clinic and had another go with the needles (got brave with the hands, but still can't do the feet - eeuuwww!) and got beaten up with the soup ladle again. Works brilliantly and if you've ever suffered with aches and pains and never considered this treatment, go for it. My friend has been seeing a physio for 6 months now and has a shoulder injury. She booked into to see an acupunture chap and feels better after one session than she has for 6 months! Doesn't work for everyone, but I firmly believe in it - nothing against physios, either! Last one I saw was a bit of a dish!!
Now then. It's my Mummy's birthday tomorrow, so I made her this:

It's that "when I get old I shall wear purple" poem by Jenny Joseph - brilliant!

My clever little baby-waby made this:

She stamped it herself, punched out the tag, chose the ribbon and stuck the sparkles on - all by her purdy little self - cool, eh?

Hugs xxx


Craftmaiden said...

Wow both cards are fantastic! Your daughter has made a better card than some of mine!! She must be extremely talented!

Siobhan xxx

Kirsten said...

Ooh, gorgeous cards! I love that poem & it looks like Lil G has inherited her mummy's talent! I'm glad the needles & soup ladle seem to be working for you. I've left something on my blog for you. Kirsten x.

Macpurp said...

glad you are feeling better.
beautiful cards ladies! xx

joey said...

Hi, two fantastic cards, absolute stunners and gorgeous colours on both. joey.xx

Terrie B x said...

These are both `gorgeous` cards ...TFS
Not one bit of snow for us yet!!!:(lol......

Eisbärin said...

Gorgeous cards! Lil G is really good!
There is also something on my blog for you!
Love, Alex

Tracey said...

Wow how fab is Georgia's card, so talented just like her mum!
Tracey x

Vicky said...

glad youre getting a bit better from all the accupuncture! love the cards....your lil g is so taking after her mummy :) fantastic! xx