25 February 2009


It's like a loony bin round here at the moment! No cardage to display, I'm afraid, right now... sorry. I plan to rectify that this weekend, hopefully.
Parties - who'd have 'em??
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the countdown at the bottom of the page for Lil G's birthday, which is coming up on St Paddy's Day. So someone had the brilliantly bright idea of taking twenty (yes TWENTY!) 6-year-olds bowling for her birthday party..... Now who would come up with a stupid idea like that????? Yep..... me.
Of course, it only occurred to me AFTER we started planning the 40th birthday bash at the end of the month that her birthday was before our party and I needed to sort something out a bit sharpish!! Seemed like a good plan at the time... ho hum.
Oh, and the black & white birthday bash - another great idea. I want to take Lil G out shopping to find a beautiful black/white party dress...... SHE wants to go wearing what she wore for Halloween. Marvellous, innit?
And to top it all off, it's hubby's birthday NEXT WEEK. Bugger.
So how are things with all of you?


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Eisbärin said...

HI Debs, oh no, 20 6-year old? I can't imagine more stress.... but good luck to you and you'll be glad when it's over! And Lil'G is gorgeous as ever and I am sure it won't matter what she wears it'll look too cute for words.
Also, there is something on my blog for you :-)