5 April 2009


.. and it went very well, from what I remember. I had a magic glass! It got filled at the start of the night and never emptied! How cool is that??

Anyway, I wanted to share with you that one of the highlights of the weekend was that I eventually got to meet the very talented Tracey! It was brilliant to finally meet her in person and we had a great laugh - I'll tell you the saga of the false eyelashes one day! - and sat up till all hours making sand boxes to hold down the helium balloons.
She also brought Lil G and me some fantastic cards:

This one was for me... How fab is that??? And this one is for Lil G:

and it's full of brilliant images for her to colour. She's thrilled to bits, as am I. It was so good to finally meet her in person. She's had a really tough time just lately and I hope she knows that I'm always there for her and how much I value our friendship.

So, it's now the Easter hols, so off to get a load of stuff for Lil G to make/colour/paint, etc! x


Tracey said...

thanks for that Debs, it was good to finally meet you too. I had a great time at the party but somehow i managed to stay sober.... I wonder why that was? Was lovely to meet Sarah too. You'll have to bring lil Georgia up to see me next time. x

Terrie B x said...

`Happy Belated` B`day Your cards are `beautiful`..great to meet up with friends glad you had a lovely time..Have a lovely week:)♥