9 April 2009


... well, out of the mouth of MY babe, actually.
On the way to drop her off this morning, she yells "Yay, it's Easter tomorrow!! Lots of chocolate!!"
Me: " It's not all about chocolate, you know"
Lil G: "Yes, Mum, I KNOW!!"
Me: "Go on then, what IS Easter all about?"
Lil G: "It's when they put Jesus up on the cross"
Me: "Yes. Then what happened?"
Lil G: "They put a tea-towel round his bum.." (I'm in bits, laughing)
..."And then he came back to life!! Amazing!! Maybe they didn't pin him up properly".......
(Now I'm crying and in a lot of pain around the ribs).

So there you have it. For thousands of years, we've all believed it was a miracle, when all the time it was down to dodgy nails.....

Happy Easter xxx


Vicky said...

heheheh ...what a cutie! xxxx

Caroljenks said...

PMSL!!! Couldn't you just eat them when they say things like that :)
Children have the answers to all of the unanswerable questions!
Carol x

Hunnybunnycards said...

Awwww bless her little cotton socks!


pickle said...

Lol at LilG she does sound a right one bless her!
happy easter, kerry xx

Tracey said...

Yep that sounds like Georgia..! Give her my love and happy easter to you all, Ta Tracey xxx

loftylass said...

Brilliant..... she sounds as though she takes after her mum!!!!!!!!!!!