5 July 2009


Apologies for the length of this post, but please read it, 'cos your input is valuable.
Been a heck of a week - 1st July was the 5th anniversary of Dad dying after the car crash, always a rubbish date for us - but it was really topped off on Friday.
G's school has been taking part in a Road Safety scheme, set up by what I believe to be our local Road Safety Partnership. We thought it was a good idea so we gave our permission for her to be taken out of school with the rest of her class and learn about being safe on the roads (I must confess that I am more than a little psychotic about this topic, having had 2 serious RTAs myself, which left me partially disabled, and having lost my Dad - all through other people's lousy driving).
So when she came back on Thursday, I asked her what she'd been learning.

To cut a longer story a little bit shorter, she has been taught to cross the road behind parked cars because they act like a "second pavement and give you more protection". Yes, you read that right.

You stick your head out around the car to see if there's anything coming. If there is, you can jump back.

(I know.)

She can't have been paying attention, we thought. She's not understood the point.
Which made me a bit cross 'cos if you're going to teach a bunch of 6-yr olds anything this important, you flippin' well make sure they're paying attention, but hey ho.

But she was adamant that that's what had been said.

So hubby took her to school on Friday morning and collared her teacher. He told her what G had said and asked her to clarify this.
We were both fully expecting her to say that G had got it all wrong and to confirm that she would make sure she put it right.

Imagine our surprise when the teacher told us that it was in fact correct. (Keep reading; I can hear you swearing from here!LOL)

The bit G had got wrong was that she is supposed to check if there's anyone in the car and ALSO TO CHECK FOR REVERSING LIGHTS!!!!!!! She's 6!

Apparently, it's the new policy due to the increased amount of traffic on the roads these days.

I nearly passed out.
We've always taught her that you keep walking until you find a safe place to cross, away from parked cars, preferably a crossing of some sort. All the TV adverts and the Green Cross Code, etc, all say the same.
I understand that in big cities, there is not always a crossing immediately in front of you, so you keep going until there's a sensible place, surely? Besides, at 6, she isn't crossing any roads by herself.
There was no supporting literature given to her for us; all that was issued was a plastic reflector for her book bag.
I cannot express how furious I am about this.
Luckily, G herself thinks it's a rubbish idea, cos she can't see me from behind my car and I can't see her, so she doesn't get how it's safe to cross when neither one can see the other.

I am speaking with - or do I mean speaking at? - the Partnership tomorrow. Can't wait.

Your thoughts, please?


Mandi said...

Never heard a bigger load of tosh in my life!

You shout hun LOUD!

Well done little G...what a sensible little girlie you have!

Sorry about the annie hun..Hugs
mandi xx

Kim. said...

Well I cannot believe what I just read, I am with you and I have just read it to my husband who totally agrees too.
You certainly don't teach this type of safety to a child this small, young or influential. I hope you give them what they deserve when you speak to them.
Kim xXx

Nicki said...

OMG! i got goosebumps reading this! i cannot believe this, it is totally mental, how on earth can they think this is safe? ive never heard anything so stupid in my life! i was always taught, as i taught all 3 of my kids, safe place to cross so you can see clearly both ways, NOT near to vehicles that can block your view, look left and right so many times you gonna get whiplash! and then and only WHEN its safe do ya cross... this has totally amazed me that theyre teaching kids this, its gotta be an EU ruling or something - to go along with straight banannas coz that what it is - total bannanas!
i can totally understand your amazement at this!
take care

shell said...

debs i cant belive this it's just total madness. wouldn't like to be them tomorrow when you turn up.
take care shell x

debra said...

Being a mother of three beautiful children, iam absoloubtly appalled by this and to teach children as young as this who are vunerable and impressionable is damn right disgusting. I can imagine how you must feel and look forward to hearing what response you get
hugs Debra

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Well, I can't believe what I am reading. The biggest load of $%^&&* I have ever heard in my entire life. I have just looked on the Government's site about road safety and it definately says on there you should not cross the road around parked cars - same as we thought. I would have it out with them because someone has got their info completely wrong. Will be interesting to hear more about it from you and what you managed to find out.

Makes it even harder after all you have been through to have studip, information passed onto your Little G like this. Dreadful, these people need locking up.


Jo x

Caroljenks said...

OMG! I cannot believe what I've just read...........What is this country coming to???
If they feel the Green Cross Code needs to change surley it would work out cheaper to put more crossings on our roads than change all of the literature and spend a fortune (and years) trying to convince us it's safe to cross where you can neither see or be seen!!!!

Would love to know how your visit went!

Carol x