1 August 2009


OMG I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I blogged!! Had a rotten time lately; deaths, illness, legal battles, etc. One bit of good news is that I have a new baby cousin, Lilly May, which is brilliant news!!
Seem to have totally lost me mojo, too. Need to make a couple of wedding cards and some birthday cards, but I keep walking into the craft room, looking at it all and walking back out again. Nothing. Rien. Nada. Not a hint of inspiration!
So I'm off to visit all your blogs to see if I can glean some sort of spark to make something.
Oh, I heard back from the Road Safety people too. Waste of space. Just told me that with all the extra vehicles on the road, it's now national good practise to teach this stuff. Yeah, I get that, but only as a last resort. Not as the safest thing to do. He kindly sent me some evaluation forms of the lady who did the training - how marvellous is she?? Well, not very in my book.
So I made my point, but it won't change anything.
Hugs xxx


Mandi said...

Nice to see you
Ive been AWOL too

Hope things start improving for you and yours. Congrats on the new baby

mandi xx

Caroljenks said...

Hi Debs :)

Nice to 'see' you again!

Sorry to hear you've lost your mojo at the mo - I'm sure it wont be long till it comes running back to you with its tail between its legs!!!

Shame about the response from the Road 'Safety' people :(

Carol x