13 February 2010


Well it had to happen sooner or later, didn't it? I mean, we've been together almost five years now and it's been interesting. But if I'm honest, I haven't really been as caring as I could have been, so I'm not blaming anyone.
Yep, I have to announce that my lovely little laptop is in intensive care. Just refused to get up one morning. Turned blue, in fact, so I knew it was serious.
No warning. No tell-tale paddy fits. No nothing. Just suddenly yesterday decided it couldn't go on like this anymore.
And I'm gutted.
I'm typing this from hubby's laptop but it's not the same. No cheery photo to greet me, no Favourites list to make things nice and simple and organised, no EMAILS!!!
And there's the problem.
No email addresses. All gone. HELP!
Being in the IT industry, I at least had the nouse to back up my crafting stuff, mostly. All my precious downloads (I hope) are stored on the little grey brick to my left, which sits there looking at me all smugly, as if it knows that it holds the key to my life!
But I didn't back up my emails. None of them. Not even the jokey ones.
And I have had a sleepless night pondering the miracle of how this little device that was supposed to work FOR us now has us all at its mercy. Once the panic attacks have subsided, I shall probably be able to get a lot of my 'contacts' through other means. But for now, I sit here on this banal grey keyboard, chewing my lip.
I can't really say that I blame my little laptop. I mean, the amount of glitter and tiny sparkly bits and minute shreds of paper that are stuck between the keys and in any other available orifice only go to show that I didn't care enough...
There is some good news, however. One of my best buds works as a hardware specialist and he very kindly came and took it away yesterday lunchtime into intensive care. The prognosis is not so bad - the hard drive is still alive and he thinks it may be down to some infected software - but who hasn't got a cold this time of year?
So I wait with bated breath to see if we will be reunited soon, or, "worst case scenario", it has to be (replaced -sshh!).
Fingers crossed.


Lexi said...

Oh no theres nothing worse :( I do hope everything is ok and that you're lappy will be back with you soon xxxx

hello gorgeous said...

aww hon, there's nothing worse than waiting, not knowing...... will keep my fingers (and legs) crossed and hope you will be reunited with your little fun-filled, glitter-sprinkled, contact-listed bundle of joy, soooon! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx