24 February 2010


Hi all... still on DH's dreary little machine - boo! I had my own little ray of sunshine back today, but only long enough to recover the most important stuff, as per instructions - right, like anything on my laptop ISN'T of life-or-death importance!! Men!!! To be fair, this particular man is actually very helpful, so I can't say bad stuff about him. I'm speaking about my technical friend who is really being very sympathetic and comforting about this utter disaster!!
So the good news is that pretty much everything can be restored, replaced or rescued (am I the only one who pronounced the latter as "reeskewed"!??) but the bad news is that my little lappy's soul has to be removed and reborn.
I feel like I imagine an expectant father must feel. I'm so concerned for Lappy's welfare! I know when it comes back it will be much the better for being revamped, with a new operating system, more memory and disease-free, but I'll miss its little quirks. Still, it's a whole lot cheaper than having to get another one. And another one would have big boots to fill. .. Watch this space! xx

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Eisbärin said...

Hi there,
hoping you get a newly reborn lappy soon so we can enjoy your lovelycreations once again!
Lots of love, Alex