7 March 2010


Look at this! I'm in so much trouble.... The photo frame was bare and cost about £1.50, so I thought my dear daughter could try and decorate it for my Mum for Mothers' Day. I didn't expect this! She painted it with yellow shiny acrylic and raided my stash for flowers (which are, of course, from WildOrchidCrafts) and pearls. Now, they had to be secured with the glue gun, but I thought it would be better (for oh so many reasons! - fingers, dog, floor, etc) if I operated it for her. So she told me where to stick stuff and I duly glued!

I did curl up the bottom of the lily stem for effect, but the rest of it is all her own work. She's 7 next week (St Patrick's Day, no less!) going on about 19, and she seems to have all the talent she needs... I for one am very worried! TFL xx


Janette said...

What did you expect from her....she must have watched you from birth and obviously with such a talented Mum it was a sure thing it would pass to her.....she has done amazing...and yes,you are in trouble...lol....xx

Mandi said...

Ot of this world for 7...but not surprising!

Good work Lil G

rosie said...

this is gorgeous Georgia. love it. you certainly have a flair x

Hunnybunnycards said...

Fab, fab, fab!! A very talented young lady, takes after her mum!