7 March 2010


Aha! I've got my baby laptop back!! She's sort of intact, but missing a few fonts. However, I hope to get them back next week. I am so glad to have it back, but it feels weird - just not the same. Nothing is where it was and there are still some bits missing - but it's better than that soul-less thing of hubby's!!

So we're sort of back in action... Wanted to show you what I've been up to while I was unsupervised! It started out as bare wood and a box of woodstain! I quite like it although it came out a lot darker than I wanted. TFL xx


Janette said...

Very pretty and the flowers are so gorgeous.x

Vicky said...

i love these new "alterings" hunny!! really fabulous!! i love the shape of this box...with the heart cutout. where did you get it? xxxxx