28 August 2010


Surprisingly - and thanks largely to o/h offering to do the shopping! - I got a chance to play a bit more with my new Waltzing Mouse stamps. This set is called Asian Garden and I love it. But I didn't get on too well. Not the stamps' fault, but mine!
Partly because this is not my usual style of card at all. But if you don't try, you don't know, do you? And I love the 'clean and simple' style of folks like Kerry but it's not really 'me'.
I had a vision of how they should look but they've just not turned out the same I've seen the very talented Claire (of Waltzing Mouse) doing clever stuff with ink and I thought I'd have a go. I tried this ruddy tree about four times before I managed to get it somewhere near what I wanted. I don't know if this card needs any other sort of embellishment? Given its sentiment, I suppose not. What do you think?

Love the idea of this card, but again, I managed to make a lousy job of it! I have tendonitis in my thumb and the painkillers I take for my back make my hands a little unsteady, so I didn't do the best job.
But as a first attempt, what do you think? Hugs xxx


Mandi said...

I think they are both fabulous Debs!

Wish your thumb better,,,ouch!

hugs mandi x

Janette said...

Oh no you are so wrong about these two...they are totally fabulous...honestly....wow.....gorgeous.xx