19 September 2010


We lost a very dear friend to cancer last week. He had been given the all-clear not 8 months ago, but it came back with a vengance and took him very suddenly. He was a great friend of my Dad and helped me through the court case and coroner's stuff and he will be very sadly missed. I chose the verse because not only will he be reunited with my Dad, but also with his son, who died suddenly a couple of years ago. His wife is a lovely lady and I wanted to make something very special for her. It started out as a good idea but I may have overdone it a bit. What do you think? TFL X


Janette said...

I think you have made the perfect card for a Lady that will so obviously be in need of it.....it's just right, not overdone at all. So sorry for your loss by the way..xx

Julie said...

A really beautiful card Debbie, not overdone at all.

Lynn said...

I agree with the other comments, it's not overdone at all. A very classy card and beautifully done.

Lynn x

debra said...

It is a beautiful card, made me cry reading this sad news.
hugs Debbie

amanda stokes said...

I don't think you've overdone it at all.It's simply beautiful, just a shame it's for such a sad occasion.
hugs amanda xx

Julie Stenning said...

I think it is a lovely card.