18 March 2011


Hi all!  Bit of a late one, but I wanted to get this in before going to bed... Lil G's birthday yesterday and we're taking her and three friends to a theme park for the day tomorrow - woo.  Anyway, what also happened yesterday was that we got Sky installed at home.  The man came and stuck a nasty little wok on the side of my house and left us a little black box that does all kinds of clever stuff. 
And he also left us the cardboard box that the little black box was delivered in.... Now, maybe I just have a dark side but this little box is still here, on the living room floor, and I keep giggling at it...

So I've left it on the floor in front of the bookcase.. asleep.  And it hasn't moved an inch since yesterday.  Not sure how it's helping the planet or our electricity bill - it just seems to be taking up space, but it seems a shame to wake it up!!! xx