2 May 2011


Hello all! I can't believe we're in MAY already, nor how long it's been since my last post! We've been away on holiday (spotted that thing where, if you take 3 days' leave, you get 11 days off in row!) but I did manage to smuggle in some craft stuff to our luggage!
This is what I've been doing:
(beautifully modelled by my very own Lil G, by the way!)
I made the one above cos the bought one she had fell apart. Glue gun and a few flowers from WildOrchidCrafts and hey presto!
I made the red/white one for school (and cos I found some red roses in my stash...)
This one was made to go with her new outfit and cos purple is her favourite colour... and you may notice that I've started to add a bit of bling as well now...
No idea why I made this one but I was on a roll...
And finally...
... this is the reason that I bought the slides, once I realised I could make them pretty. This one is for a wedding later in the year and I love it. What do you think of them all?

Did you all have a good Easter break? We had a good holiday, but it was tinged with sadness as we lost a close friend just before we went away. But it's best for him as he's not in pain any more. And he can keep my Dad company, heaven help us!!

TFL xx

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Janette said...

These are all gorgeous, so pretty, and isn't your Daughter growing up so fast, before you know it she will be off with her Boyfriend..lol..xxx