3 April 2008


The lovely Cass has tagged me! Apparently, I have to tell you seven random things about me and then tag someone else! Quite why you would want to know these is a puzzle, but here goes!:

1. I have a screw in my left ankle, holding the ligament in place, which should have come out after a year. That was ten years ago and I'm too big a wuss to get it removed.

2. I am totally terrified of spiders.

3. My three favourite things in the world (not including my friends and family) are baby animals, Aston Martin cars and diamonds.

4. I am totally allergic to all animals (which makes some of item 3 quite interesting!).

5. I once appeared on Romper Room in Gibraltar as a child and was too scared to ask for the loo, so........... yep, that was me.

6. I grew up in the south of France, living on a boat.

7. I hate sweetcorn with a passion and am petitioning to get it banned from the face of the earth.

So there you go.

I now have to pass this on, so I'll tag Zoe, Janet and Stacey. Enjoy!!

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