8 November 2008


The very talented Gina G has given me this award - thank you very much, Gina! It's lovely that we crafty bloggers are so supportive of each other. I'll think about who to pass it onto later on. In the meantime, go see Gina's blog cos she's got some fabulous stuff. xxx
And I've been tagged by Lisa. I have to answer the following sets of 5 questions, tag 5 people by leaving their names as well as links to their blog and let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
1. Lil G and Andy
2. Fidgit
3. Sparkly stuff
4. Crafting
5. Travelling abroad
1. Lil G and Andy - sometimes!!
2. Liars
3. Political Correctness
4. People who hunt foxes and ruddy followers
5. Bad admin
MUSIC ON MY IPOD (I dont have an Ipod but these are my favourite songs)
1. Pink - So What?
2. Orson - Ain't No Party
3. Bitch - Meredith Brooks
4. Anything by Def Leppard
5. Anything by Bond or Andrea Bocelli or Vanessa May
1. My Mum's roast dinners
2. Cadbury chocolate
3. Moules Mariniere
4. A good cup of tea!
5. Cadbury chocolate - oh, have I said that already?? Okay, Chinese Food.
I'll work out who to pass this to later on!
Now for the near-miss...
We very nearly ended up in a large ditch upside down in the car yesterday, me and Lil G.
"Oh no, Debs!! What happened?" I hear you cry!
Lil G happened, that's what.
She's always singing. All day. Even at school. Not even a song you know, but one she's made up, usually. And to any old tune she fancies.
But yesterday, I picked her up from school and headed out of the village back to our house. As we drove, we saw a large cock pheasant wandering along the grass verge. And she started:
"Oh there's a pretty coloured pheasant walking in the grass,
He sticks his head down for a drink, then sticks it up -"
... at which point I collapsed in hysterics. My brain was racing - she can't possibly be going to say what I think she's going to say!!! Can she? Surely not!!!!
.." - and down again for another drink and watches us drive past."
I had tears streaming down my face but was trying so hard not to let her see or I'd have had to explain what was funny!!! I nearly put us in the ditch at the next bend!
Were you thinking what I was thinking???


Tracey said...

Ooooo Debs, you have a wicked sense of humour...! - Tracey x

NGCARDS said...

lamo haha god I wouldve lost it right there and then, bless her innocent mind, shame cant say the same for ourselves! lol xxx

a message from gillyflower said...

oh that lil G should be given out on prescription she is such a delight
unlike her mother who seems to have a filthy sense of humour lol
look forward to the next instalment of the anitics of lil G
oh contrats on your blog award you deserve it it's a great blog

Dawny P said...

Oh shame on you mamma for thinking that thought. And shame on me too for thinking the same. Oooohhh errrrr, that was a close one, but I'd have loved to have heard your explanation if she'd have asked you what you were laughing about. Go on, what would you have told her??? xxxx