5 November 2008


I know it's only November, but she's 5, what do you expect?
She told Daddy last night that:
"What I want for Christmas, no, NEED, for Christmas are three things. I need a thing to scratch my back, a thing to remind me to take my glasses home and a thing to tidy my bedroom for me. And if you can't find any of those things, you'll have to INVENT them, or I'll be really, really, really CROSS!!".
Right then.
I see.
Ideas on a postcard, please!!



a message from gillyflower said...

oh she's so comical isn't she
sounds like what she needs is an extra mum, as mums can do all those things hope you aren't slipping up and not fulfilling your full duties as mom.
can't have that can we
so here are a few more jobs to add to your never ending list of motherly duties unless father xmas can help that is

Dawny P said...

Yep, I want one that tidies my bedroom so if you can come up with something, anything, please do let me know lol xxx Oh bless the gorgeous little poppet, at least it wasn't a pony!!!!

Ruth - Crafty Wanderings said...

LOL! Sorry no ideas...but it's fun to share your stories!
Ruth xx

Julie said...

Wow how practical she is, I'll have all those things for Christmas too.

hello gorgeous said...

oh the innocence of childhood! I love them, here's my suggestions for you to think about - they have invented a back scrachter - it's called Dad! They have invented something to tidy the bedroom - it's called a hoover! Stuck on the last one - but maybe a piece of string? Everytime she looks at it it will remind her of her glasses???? Would love to be there at christmas :D xxxxx

hello gorgeous said...

Hi Both, I received a lovely award today and had to nominate 7 more - which was really difficult, whilst yours wasn't in the 7 I chose I have made a special mention on my blog about yours, pop on over when you have five mins xxxxx

gina g said...

Hi Debs ain't they just so sweet the things they come out with lol, there is something on my blog for you. gina xx

Lisa said...

Hi Debs, Lil G is so funny. Hope daddy has his thinking cap on! You have been tagged - see my blog. Hope this is okay with you. x