28 November 2008


Well, what a week it has been! More about that later when the ground stops spinning. For now, I need to say a HUGE thank you to Kirsten for passing on the Proximity award - so kind of you and I'm really touched that you thought of me xxxx
Also, a long overdue thank you to Vikki for passing me this award:

How spoilt am I? Thank you so much, Vikki. If you are not familiar with either Kirsten or Vikki's work - where you been??? Go see what they do cos they are both very talented crafters.
I have to pass this onto 5 other creative bloggers.... I think all the ones I want to nominate already have it but I'll hunt around and get back to you.
It's so cold here at the moment! I've had a shocking week, but at least it's Friday and I can chill (pardon the pun!) for a bit. Andy suggested nipping out Christmas shopping this weekend - he's now tied up under the stairs for being stupid - but I think I'll just open a bottle of Baileys and eat chocolate under a warm fleece and a hot water bottle. Am I the only one who thinks hibernation is a fabulous idea???? xxxx

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Lavender stamper said...

I think I have devised a strategy for a stress free Christmas.
I propose that Christmas should be regionalised, by that I mean on the 25th of every month a different county would have Christmas day & boxing day.
Just think of all of the plus points this would have.

* Father Christmas would be employed 12 months of the year.
* The post office would no longer have one peak period a year making it easier to maintain staffing levels.
* There would always be a shopping centre that had Christmas items for sale, allowing you to spread the cost over 12 months. Also if you were a real bah humbug type of person you could always shop somewhere that wasn't celebrating Christmas & completely avoid the festive season altogether.
* Seasonal products like mince pies would be available all year, avoiding the gluttony of Christmas & extra weight gain over a few short weeks.
* Less trolley rage in the supermarkets as the big day gets closer.
* You could always find a county that wasn't celebrating Christmas & shop there, making for easier car parking, No checkout queues & less demented shoppers all trying to buy the top toy that's been sold out for past 3 months.
* Delivery times from mail order companies would remain the same all year & not become back logged by the sheer volume of parcels at Christmas time.
* If you wanted to use your Christmas lights to decorate your pergola in the summer, you could buy replacement bulbs all year.
* I wouldn't have to spend whole weekends trying to make all of my Christmas cards, I could do some every month (I know I could anyway, but how many of us are that disciplined)

So what do you think? I think that this should be given some serious thought.