17 June 2009


Well, we've done it. Sat and rolled up 40 nappies and facecloths, baby-grows and socks and made them into this!
It has 3 feeding bottles, a brush, a comb, 3 pairs of socks, 3 facecloths, baby powder, 40 nappies, 2 fleece blankets, 4 nappy pins, 2 bottle brushes, two dummies and a purple hippo!
It was easy enough but a bit fiddly.
We took a feeding bottle and put 5 rolled nappies around it. Then we put another layer around that and tied it with ribbon.
Then we put another layer around that one and wrapped one of the fleece blankets around the edge and secured it with a pin.
The top of the bottle was sticking up so we put 5 rolled nappies around it and the second fleece blanket.
Then it was a question of slotting in bits and pieces. The facecloths were folded to look like candles (with the middle pulled up to be the wick) and the socks were folded to look like roses.
There are loads of tutorials on YouTube for making these, but they all seemed to use a whole lot of nappies - we used 40 and seems to work quite well over two layers.
Hope they like it!! TFL x



Wow hunny this looks absolutely fabulous, the reciprient will be thrilled to receive it! hugs Linda x

Julie said...

A lovely gift Debs, very nicely done.

Cass said...

Wow this looks fabby.Must have taken some time,it's a work of art.Looks way too complicated for me.I'm sure they'll love it.
Cass xxx

Hunnybunnycards said...

Fabulous Debs! I am going to make one of these for Katie when she finds out what she is having. Hope you are all okay, will be in touch soon


Susie Sugar said...

This is sooooo sweet I totally love it
Hugs Susie xx