26 June 2010


My baby girl has been very unhappy since her best friend moved far away. They have moved for work, but the little one was very upset about leaving friends and family so her mother decided that it would be best not to stay in touch with anyone here. Make of that what you will, but it left my girlie heartbroken, especially because they didn't tell us that they didn't want to stay in touch. So I asked some of my lovely DoCrafts and other crafty friends if they would send my little noggin a card. And they were so kind - she got loads! And she now has a pen pal, too!! A proper one, with letter-writing and sending cards and stuff, not emailing!

She loves getting stuff through the post and has really perked up. So I thought I would share some of them with you:

From Suzi & Jessica and Maureen

From Alex and Maureen

From Linda and my very good friend, Vicky

This one came with my birthday card from our lovely friend, RosiePosie.

My little noggin is smiling again! She still misses her friend, of course, but she's so touched that all these lovely peeps sent her such beautiful cards.

Thank you all. Your friendship means a lot. Hugs xxxx


rosie said...

Glad Georgia has been sent some beautiful cards. She is such a gorgeous little girl with such a kind heart that she would make a brilliant friend to anyone.
sending her hugs always

jules said...

oh!what a lucky girl all the cards are beautiful!!!