20 June 2010


I can't be with mine today - it'll be six long years at the end of this month - and I know there are many of us in the same boat.

But I also want to wish my o/h a very Happy Father's Day ... he and Lil G have a very close relationship, just like I did with my Dad. She's a proper Daddy's Girl, too, which is lovely. We're taking him out for a slap-up lunch!

To my Dad, whevever you are, you know I love you and miss you every day. Doobie xxxxx

Hugs xxxx


Janette said...

Know just how you feel hun,mine went 20yrs ago this year and it still hurts,lets be thankful we had good Dad's in the first place,have a lovely day ,hugs Janette.xx

Mandi said...

Hugs hun
5 years for me this year...as you correctly say they are long years without our Dads eh..
Dads are so precious!

Mine was taken suddenly, not as tragic as yours but still too soon

Much love
mandi xx