3 August 2008


First of all, sorry for being a bad blogger and not posting anything for a few days, but things have been really horrible around here just lately and I'd rather say nothing than post a lot of moans and groans. And I want to say thank you to the three lovely ladies who have emailed me their support and hugs - you have kept me going and lifted my spirits and I promise I'll be in touch as soon as my head is back together - much love to you - you know who you are xxx

ANYWAY, to explain the title of this post.... About a week or so before Lil G broke up for summer hols, one of her friends arrived at school sporting a brand new pair of glasses in funky pink plastic and was the centre of attention.
All of a sudden, Lil G starts telling me that she can't see properly, her eyes are playing tricks on her and she probably needs glasses too..... Yeah, right. Of course you do, darling. This went on and on until the end of the term...
...so, being the really mean parent that I am, I called her bluff and made an appointment at the optician's to get her eyes tested.
I know.
Clever, eh??
So off we went last week, Lil G, Mum and me. She wasn't quite so sure about it all when we got there.... ha ha! My plan succeeded!! That'll show you, I thought.
So he went through all the tests with her - and he was brilliant with her - and put eye patches on her, made her watch a clown and tell him what colour his nose was, etc, etc,.... and that's when it all went very wrong.
The joke is very much on me, because it turns out that she needs glasses.....
I know.
You could have knocked me out with a feather. Seems she is slightly long-sighted and has astigmatism, just like me.
How stupid do I feel?
How mean do I feel?
She only has to wear them for reading and writing and should outgrow them by the time her eyes are fully developed at age 7. So it's not too bad.
Anyway, she chose purple frames - of course, is there any other colour?! And I mean PURPLE!! frames - she won't lose them, that's for sure!! We pick them up next week.
So, I'm off to report myself to Social Services and crawl back under my rock...... xxx


Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, Debs..

First of all, I love your new blog style! Very pretty!

Second of all, I'm so sorry to hear you're having a tough time. Sending you virtual hugs... (((((Debs))))))

Thirdly, your story about Lil G did make me giggle, I have to confess, and I am sure that EVERY mother will recognise herself in it, in one way shape or form!! So maybe forgive yourself a little, and just buy her an extra ice cream this weekend. ;o)

Heather xx

Sharon said...

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time at the moment & hope things are soom looking up.

Poor Lil G, you bad bad mother, I'd never do anything like that LOL!!
My eldest trapped her foot in her bike while cycling in flip-flops!! I was so cross as she'd been told not to wear them on her bike so she didn't get much sympathy & was sent off to school the next day. I got a phone call from school to say she was struggling to walk up the stairs etc so I went to collect her. 'had I taken her to the hospital' asked her head of year. No, It's only badly bruised said I !!
I decided to take her down to the hospital just to prove I was right. How guilty did I feel when the xray showed she'd a broken bone in foot. How bad did I feel taking her in to school the following morning on crutches!!
Bad mothers unite lol!!!

Sharon :-)x

Dawny P said...

Hey chicken, us mommas have all been there so no beating yourself up. Bet Lil G looks fabulous in her trendy speccies, bless her. Big hugs xxxxx

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Debs, been there done that. I think it's part of motherhood. Chalk it up to experience hehe. Hope you feel a bit brighter very soon. I love reading your blog, even if I don't have to comment. Have a great day. Lots of love, Denise x

Hunnybunnycards said...

Bad mommy!! LoL! Eeeh, we all been there Debs, dunna worry about it, at least you got her sorted and I am sure she is thrilled with her new specs!

Sorry to hear you been having a bad time hun, had a few probs myself the last week so can sympathise. Hopefully most of it sorted now.

Take care


NATALIE said...

awww bless, bet this was a shock!
atleast you found it out though and she obviously has a good fashion sense for choosing purple frames! lol
I remember by first pair where with with multi-coloured frames =S

Tracey said...

Hi Debs,

Love to you, hope things are looking up and hope to hear from you soon.x
We've all been there ! Bad mums unite !! LOL. and may I ask what is wrong with purple frames, my last pair were purple and I nearly chose purple this time but diverted to a sort of purply reddy colour !! Sorry purple IS the 'only colour' I have a purple mobile, purple all over my computer screen, purple everywhere. Lil obviously have very good taste !!!

Love Tracey x

Stacey said...

Oh that is brilliant! You evil mother!

Well, just be grateful that you did actually take her (even if it was just to call her bluff!).

Bet she is going to look gorgeous in her new specs ~x~

Emma said...

Hey you...did you get my e-mail? Hope you're ok.
As for G...I bet she looks fab in them...and I did this to Jake as well! Big hugs Em.x