31 August 2008


Morning all. A bit fog-bound here in the rural Lincolnshire, so not going far today. Yesterday there were huge dust clouds cos the farmers were desperately harvesting before today's expected storms, so visibility has been pretty poor recently!! Good excuse for staying in all day and crafting!

Anyway, my very great mate Tracey (check out her blog, cos she makes some amazing cards) has given me this award. I am really chuffed to get it from her because her opinion really counts to me. So thanks, chick!

I got this award sometime ago, so I'm not going to pass it on personally - and I struggled like mad then to find blogs who didn't already have it! So instead, if you don't have it already, please consider it passed on to you. There are so many talented people out there whose blogs are inspirational for a myriad of reasons. Hugs xx


NGCARDS said...

Awwww Congratulations! xxx

Crafty Wanderings said...

Oh Deb - they are really, really hard to make, but more so when they remind you of sad times like when your dad was killed.

This card is lovely though - just right for the occasion.
Love to you and LilG
Ruth x

Tracey said...

thanks for the lovely mention Hun - Tracey x