5 August 2008


I am such a bad blogger at the moment!! Sorry all. And I'm especially sorry to my lovely mate Vicky, to gave me this award ages ago and I did nothing with it..... I will go and sit on the naughty step (and at my age, I may be gone a while!) and think about it. Really sorry, hun, and a great big thank you to you. xxxxx


Emma said...

Oh babe you do make me laugh! Thanks so much for joining me on the new blog...not sure if giving you lot author privileges was the right thing to do......LOL!
You know where I am if you need to chat. Big hugs Em.x

Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, Debs.. That's one of my favourite awards! Congrats! :o)

Now, you don't have to apologise for anything you do (or don't do) on your blog. I have a present for you.. Go to my blog and click on the 'Blogging Without Obligation' link at the top of my sidebar. (I would have liked to give you the HTML here, but I don't think blinking blogger will allow it! sigh)

Heather xx