14 October 2008


Just had to share this little gem from Lil G last night... still laughing this morning, and it's really NOT funny at all....

She stood at the door, all serious and sad-looking and announced in her 'important' voice that:

"Oh, Mummy. Charlotte is very upset cos her Daddy is getting dwarves".

I howled with laughter.

Lil G: "It's not funny, Mummy. It's very sad."

Me: "No, it's hilarious. What's he going to do with dwarves?"

Lil G: "I dunno, maybe get 7 beds?"


Lil G: "No, Mummy. It's very sad! Stop laughing!"

Me: ROFL even more. In tears now.

Lil G: "I meant to say that Charlotte's Daddy is getting DIVORCED!"

Me: Reaching for oxygen.

So not funny, but I am a bad bad person.



Dawny P said...

No, really, it is very VERY funny. I'm still chuckling xxxxxx

Foxcraft said...

You are such a MEAN mummy - but I am no better coz I was rolling around laughing when I read it on DC!
Don't worry about it Lil G, when you're older and mummy gets her words mixed up you can laugh at her too!

a message from gillyflower said...

you have brightend my day

i think this is one of the main reasons for having kiddie winks they are brill aren't they

ROSEMARY said...

Ah bless her. And you are naughty!! But I would have been on the floor too!!

ROSEMARY said...

You are a mean mummy. but I would have been on the floor laughing too. Ah bless Lil G. She will remember this!!