7 October 2008


And doesn't that make a change, eh?

Oh, where to start?? Well, my beautiful baby girl started at her new school yesterday and is like a totally different child. She has been so miserable at the old one and I feel a bit guilty that I didn't do this before the summer... but she's there now and it's a gem of a school with happy kids, happy parents and happy teachers - what a difference!! I've got my smiley girlie back - yay!!

Even 'yay-er' than that, there is good news from the hospital on Barbara's husband (see below) which is fantastic. They say the outlook is now good and he's making progress. Hugs to you all xxx

But even 'yay-er-er' is a little bit of news I'm bursting to share - I've been asked to join the Design Team for Poppicrafts!!!!!!! How chuffed am I? Can't even begin to tell you what a boost to my confidence that is!! (Although looking at the work of my fellow DT members, I'm a little worried, to be honest; they are SOOO talented!).

So a 'good news' day, which I love!! Hugs xxxxxx


Sue said...

Oh wow, lots to be celebrating. Great to hear Hunnybunny's husband doing well after such a dreadful accident. Also, great news that Lil G is happy at her new school. There's nothing worse than your baby being upset.

And, congratualtions on being asked to join Poppicraft design team, that's fantastic, well done you. Much deserved for a talented cardmaker. sue.x

Macpurp said...

thats great news about hunnybunnys hubby!
have been thinking about them all.

and its fab that lil G is much happier in her new school. lets hope it continues.

now CONGRATULATIONS about poppicraft DT. i do not want to hear how good everyone else is! if you were no good you wouldn't be on the team!
relax, enjoy, and get crafting!
much hugs xxxx

Lesley said...

OOhhh huni I am made up 4 u...what fantastic news....tell hunnybunny that I am still thinking of her (pinkles from docrafts)...am glad that lilG is happy again...its awful when they r down...and well done u on the DT spot....fantastic...luv n hugs xxxxx

NGCARDS said...

congratulations on being part of their dt team, it must be wonderful!!!
glad to hear your little girl is happier at her new school =)

Crafty Wanderings said...

Great news about Hunnybunny's hubby. I've been watching your thread on the DC forum to keep up with how things are. Please send them my love.

Fantastic that LilG is happy at her new school. Let's hope this continues and that she will look back on her school years with great fondness. Will we see some of her cards again soon?

Amazing news and CONGRATULATIONS to you on becoming a DT member. Let's not hear you saying that anyone else's cards are better than yours - I'm in awe of your work! They don't ask just ANYONE onto DTs. They spend time looking for just the right person who will be a good ambassador for them. I'll be watching your progress with interest!

Huggles! Ruth xx

Zoe said...

Congratulations on your good news! I'm sure you'll do a great job, you are always inspiring me!

Kirsten said...

Hooray!! Good news for a change!! It is wonderful that Hunnybunny's hubby is making progress, I sent them a card this morning. Secondly, what a relief for you - and her - that Lil G is happy at her new school, hope she continues to enjoy it. Thirdly, CONGRATULATIONS to you!! And of course you deserve it; Poppicrafts wouldn't have asked you to join their team if they didn't think you were good enough. Just think of all the fun you're going to have playing with all their new goodies...........! Ooh, I'm green with envy! :) :)

Kirsten said...

Me again, I've just had a look at the Poppicrafts website - the ribbons!! The flowers!! Oooh!!! I had to leave before I lost control & bought the lot!! :) :)

Janet said...

Fantastic news Debs! you deserve it! your cards are fabulous!X

katy said...

Well Done Debs, your cards are lovely and Poppicrafts think so too so dont worry about the other DT members,xx

katy said...

Well Done Debs, your cards are lovely and Poppicrafts think so too so dont worry about the other DT members,xx

Sharon said...

Me . . . . . nick MOJO . . . . not guilty lol!!!
Massive congrats on being chosen for Michelle's Design Team I'll be watching for your gorgeous creations. Hope Lil G is still enjoying her new school, it's such a relief to know that they're happy isn't it.
Sharon :-)x

a message from gillyflower said...

sorry haven't been around for ages but nice to be back
so glad to hear that Bs hubby is on the up such a dreadful accident

can't beat a happy school and if the kids are happy you are happy
when i moved ian from mainstream when he was 8 as he just wasn't coping and was in a terrible state it was the best thing i could have done with in a week he was a different child and then went right through that wonderful school and even sat some GCSEs which he would never have managed in mainstream he is now doing really welll in college all thanks to a good happy well run school
good luck to your little one

well done you on getting on to the design team you will do great you make some great layouts etc
bye for now

Anonymous said...

Well Debs..I am absolutly `Thrilled` for you ...
Yaah for your little girl:)
Yaah for Barbra`s husband and Massive `Congratulations` to you making Michelles DT....You are sooo deserving of this :)~X~
Way to go girl!!!
Have a lovely Weekend:)

Eisbärin said...

Hello Debs, great news! You must be well chuffed to be DT member, but you deserve it big time!
I also started a blog now and wanted to give you an award, check it out on my blog!

Michele said...

Hi Debs, you have been tagged. Rules are on my blog.
Michele x

Elaine Stark said...

Congratulations, You have had a good week, well deserved. Elaine

Dawny P said...

Now look ere Debs. Your stuff is as good as the next ones chicken, so don't ever think you are not as good cos you flippin well are xxx Mich wouldn't have picked you if she didnt like your stuff and we all think it's completely fab. Case in point, I LOVE the wedding card - they are the most beautiful colours you used xxxx