4 October 2008


Been in close touch with Hunnybunny since her hubby's dreadful accident and am happy to share the following with you today:

Hi all, really pleased to tell you that Don is waking up very slowly and he is responding to voices, particularly mine, I ask him questions and he either nods or shakes his head. He is such a fighter, I asked him to give me a smile and he did! Even the nurses were in tears! He is very agitated though, which is normal as they don't know where they are or what has happened to them, but he responds really well to my voice so I just keep talking to him. Its going to be a long and slow process, but he is a very strong man and he is really fighting, in fact he has 'boxing gloves' on to stop him pulling his tubes out and he hates them, he tries his best to get them off! Today I got the message that the Liverpool footy team are signing a shirt for him, they have heard about him and his accident, he will be made up, he has been a Liverpool fan for years but this was his first live attendance (and last!!) The police rang me today to update me about the investigation and everything is coming together now, the witness statements etc and they have CCTV footage, they have been very supportive and can't do enough for us. Can't believe a week has passed, its like being in a time warp, our lives have been turned completely upside down but its amazing the progress that Don has made in that short time. Keep your thoughts and prayers going, cos they sure are working! Love Barbara and Family xxxx

Fab stuff, eh?



Sharon said...

That is absolutely brilliant news. I'm really glad that he is fighting so hard and it must be lovely for Barbara to get a response from him. They all remain in my thoughts and prayers. Send her some love and hugs from me when you next speak to her.
Sharon T

Macpurp said...

that's great news, I have been thinking about this family every day.


Tara said...

How moving, I'm so pleased things are improving even if it is early days! Please send my love! xx

Anonymous said...

So `Sorry` to hear such terrible news:(
My `prayers` are with you all....

Janet said...

Brilliant news! My thoughts are with them both X