30 December 2010


Hi all! Hope you had a good Christmas? If you look below, you'll find the Guest Book and Box I did for a friend's wedding. Well, I was also asked to do the Photo Album:

It's a 12x12 scrapbook album, really. The bride bought it and give it to me to finish. It's a very odd tone of cream, sort of a mix of cream and stone, and it's covered in this flocked stuff. Which is a nightmare to work with! But it's done and I hope she likes it.

I did it to match the other items. TFL x


Mandi said...

There is no way she cant like it. TIs absolutely stunning!

mandi xx

tilly said...

it looks beautiful, she will love it
Tilly x

Janette said...

Hoow could anyone not like it, it's fabulous.xx