15 June 2008


Then you get to the end when the Prince and Cinderella marry. What a fabulous show Lil G put on!
We even got popcorn at the interval! It's a brilliant present and a great toy. She had to sit and carefully pop out the die cuts - with help from Daddy, of course - and then fold them where it said to and put the whole thing together.
Great afternoon we've had, despite the shocking weather!


Emma said...

Debs this is gorgeous. A present to be treasured forever! (And Lil'G looks adorable!)

Just call me G said...

Aww thats such a lovely gift for her, something to inspire her imagination for years to come...

Her massive big smile is gorgeous... its funny looking at her newest pic and the one you have on the side bar to see that she is changing ever so slightly.. taking on a little girl face rather than a grown toddler... if that makes sense!!!

Seeing lil G's stage makes me think about when I was a child and used to play with a pretend post office ... the fun!!! am sure thats where my paper addiction comes from!!

Thanks for your concern Debs, Im feeling a bit better today.. lots of stuff that sadly I can not blog about till a lot of legal matters are sorted.