8 June 2008


I ordered a load of craft stuff to keep her amused during the half-term holidays.. but she was so busy playing she only got around to doing these this weekend. She had some alterable bags, pencil cases and purses and a whole load of stick-on flowers, bugs and gems.

So she did these - without any assistance from us - and she's very proud of them.

Doesn't show up too well on the photo, but the line of flowers and butterflies on the bag is DEAD straight - no idea how she did that LOL!!

She asked me to take a picture of them to show you all, so here it is..... x


Janet said...

Oh well done lil G!I love your work it's FAB!!!X

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Well done Lil G! You have worked hard and everything looks beautiful.

Crafty Wanderings said...

Great work Lil G!

You look very happy in that photo - and so you should, you did such a great job. You clever thing! I hope you are feeling very proud of yourself!