27 June 2008


One of my Docrafts chums had some sad news this week. Her little granddaughter's house went up in flames a couple of days ago and she lost all of her toys and everything. She's only 5 and is quite obviously upset by it all. Luckily, everyone got out and no one was hurt.
I told Lil G and she was very upset for her and asked if we could send her one of Lil G's teddies and a card. So this is the card we made for little Brooke, which was sent off with a teddy. Hope she likes it! TFL xx


Emma said...

Oh babe I didn't hear about this. The poor family. What a lovely idea to do her a card and a huge hug to Lil G for being so generous in parting with her teddy. (Kids are so amazing!)
The card is beautiful. She will love it. Hugs Emma.x

Shirley said...

Oh thats so sad. but very sweet of you and lil G. Im sure it will bring a smile to the girls face .