5 July 2008


... Emma says so. And to prove it, she's given me an award - thanks mate!

She's probably right. I do have a very warped view of life. But then I think you have to. As my tag line says - "Blessed be the cracked, for it is they who let in the light". Quite right too!! I will always remember being bodily removed from a VW garage in Germany when a man came in and said "Tag", which is short for "Guten Tag", as in "good morning", but I couldn't help myself and replied "Ha! You're it!!" and then collapsed in giggles. O/h wasn't impressed. Which made me worse.

Don't you think, though, that there is so much stuff in life and the world that is very hard and sad and unfair that if you didn't laugh, you'd be locked up? I do. But it gets me into trouble sometimes. For example, in a meeting with a very important client and we were discussing putting some new stuff on his server in three folders. One called "IN", one called "OUT" and I fell about laughing and begged them to call the third one "Shake it all about", but it went down like a rat sandwich!!

Take Dad's funeral. Up there with a slipped disc in terms of pain and suffering. We were having "All things bright and.." as one of the hymns. It can be a real dirge so we'd asked the organist to play it at quite a pace. He took off like William Tell and Mum and I were in hysterics as the congregation sat gasping for breath!! Dad would have laughed.

So I suppose what I'm trying to say is that NUTTERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!! PEOPLE NEED NUTTERS!! I'm proud to be one.

Who's with me?


Sharon said...

Count me in. I'm glad it's not just me that gets in to trouble with a 'warped' sense of humour. Life is definately much too short to take seriously !!!!
Sharon :-)x

Heather (Craftling) said...

I'm with you, nutty sister!! I even have the awards to prove it! lol.. S'funny.. they look just like yours!! hehe ;o)

Thanks for the visit.. Nice to have found you. Time I added you to my Blog Buddies.

Heather xx

Emma said...

LOL!! Glad you liked it babe! I think we all take life way to seriously sometimes and its so good to have a giggle now and again! Hugs Em.x

Donna said...

My name is Donna and i am a Nutter lol. x

Dawny P said...

Me me meeeee. I'm with ya xx Your office story is just too close to home!!!! I could turn yer hair grey if I told you some of our stories xxx

Now you see, I know where you were coming from re your dear old dad cos I know it is a sad thing death and all that, but there is often humour there. Our vicar arrived at my grans house before my grandads funeral and fell up the step!! I know it wasnt funny - and yet ....... !!! Guess who laughed!!!

And one of our tea ladies went to a funeral years ago and had her photo taken smiling and in full pose by the hearse lol xxx I thought it was hysterical - you could not make it up!!! BFN and I'm sure we'll speak again xxxx

Just call me G said...

You do know Im sat here singing 'all things bright and beautiful' really fast in my head now!!!