15 July 2008


It doesn't take much to get me ranting, but one thing I HATE is cruelty to animals. And whilst happily 'blurfing' away this afternoon, I saw this on Dawny P's blog. And it upset me. And I started ranting. And then I joined the petition.
Be warned, this is a harrowing video, so don't look if you're of that kind of disposition, but I make no apologies for linking to it, because it's wrong. And has to be stopped. If you agree, then join in the petition, please. Thanks x

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Dawny P said...

It is just totally vile, so thanks for spreading the word Deb. What the hell they are doing putting those poor creatures through that just for a bar of chocolate is beyond me. And I don't get how any normal person could want to work in that kind of environment, unless of course, someone is holding them at knife point and making them do it!!!Totally unethical xxx