2 July 2008


Well, having had the week from hell - oh, for many reasons - the lovely Sharon over at Shari-Anne Happy Crafter has given me a little light at the end of my tunnel by passing on this award!! I'm really touched, cos she makes such wonderful things and I often look to her site for inspiration, so again I'm truly humbled! Thanks, Sharon!
I now have to pass this on to three others - really easy to think of three people whose sites inspire me, difficult to find three who haven't already got it!! So I'm going to pass this on to Vicky, Emma and Barbara, I think, cos I visit their blogs a lot for inspiration and a giggle!! Sent with love, ladies xxxxx

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Hunnybunnycards said...

Hi Debs, thank you sooo much for the award, it means a lot to me and I am just so chuffed that my blog inspires you. Makes it all worthwhile so it does! Love the photos if Lil G, she looks so cute.

Take care and thanks again