22 July 2008


Been picking up some really great tips lately on ways to save money and still enjoy this cash-bandit of a hobby of ours!! One of them was to not bother buying acrylic blocks for my clear stamps, but to use an empty CD case instead. And you can store them inside. Bit obvious when you know, but it hadn't occurred to me!!

My next favourite tip was to use old eyeshadow instead of expensive chalk. So when I made this card for my very lovely cousin, who is utterly barking too (and very very very old next month), I used an old eyeshadow around the edges of the image and I think it came out quite well!! I've been trying to find a set of earthy coloured chalks for a while, so this was a great substitute!!

Any other money-saving tips gratefully received!!!!

The sentiment is something my neighbour always says about me now I'm 40 (damn cheek!), but I have actually seen it on another card somewhere during my blurfing expeditions. The image is one I bought in a set of stamped images from ebay, but it seemed appropriate!!TFL xx


Ickle Pickle said...

Oh I love recycling. I used eyeshadows for years until I got sent some though a mag subscription.

Tracey said...

What a fab idea, love the card, great sentiment. Hope she has a good sense of humour !!!

Tara said...

I love this Debs and thanks for the top tip about the eyeshadow, hadn't thought of that one!! xx

misteejay said...

Super tips and I love the image on that card - just how I feel at the moment LOL

Toni :o)

Sharon said...

This image reminds me of ME first thing in the morning lol!!
Great card.
Sharon :-)x

Dawny P said...

waaaaah that's me!! LOVE it Debs (fab colouring babes xx) and hope your cuz loves it too xxxxx

Sue said...

Great tips Debbie. Love the card.

I was going to award you with the 'Blogging Friends Award', but see you already have it. Off now to think of someone else who hasn't yet received it (as you say there are so many 'crafting friends' to pass it on to).

Back soon. Sue.x

Pearl said...

Too funny that image & sentiment ! lovely card ! & that's a lovely tip with the old eyeshadow ! If you have a Cuttlebug machine at all the spacers can be used as a substitute for an acrylic block too especially for larger stamps.

Hunnybunnycards said...

Fab card Debs, it made me giggle, its a fantastic image!! Thanks for the tips too, never would have thought of using eyeshadows, good way of using them up.


Paula said...

Hi Debs, thanks for visiting my blog. Very small world indeed, my sister used to live in Wragby until my BIL died 4 years ago.

I love this image really fab & I often use up eye make up as I barely wear it before the stuff goes off!!!

Emma said...

Hello babe. Thanks so much for 1) sharing the make up tip....2) for the lovely message you left me (I cried)...3) for showing this card as it really made me giggle!!
Speak soon. Hugs Em.x

Alice said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog!
This card i s very amazing ah ah ah!! And I really like your DoG :-)

Just call me G said...

Hiya love the card... and a reminder that the shocking violet eye shadow in the drawer can go somewhere other than the bin!!

I'll have a proper read of your blog later.. and have updated mine.. I just wanted to say HI and that I am still here not sailing round the world on winnings of the lottery (I wish)


NATALIE said...

great tips!
and a fab card its really different and quirkly!

Dawny P said...

Me again xxx Just to let you know that there is something a bit yummy for you over at the old bloggeroonie xxx

Stacey said...

How clever are you?! That is such a cool idea! Love this card and the sentiment is brilliant! ~x~

pickle said...

Fab card.
thanks for sharing the tip about the eyeshadow.
Great sentiment very funny
kerry x

Michelle said...

Awesome card, that image and sentiment are pure brilliance! Hope your cousin gets as good a giggle as me! Love the eyeshadow tip, looks great! I keep heading back here for inspiration, and to watch your cute slide carousel thingy - but it's gone!

My tips for cost saving would be to look for storage items at the hardware chain shops rather than craft stores - I found a fishing tackle box identical to a craft brand embellishment caddy. For 1/4 the price I was happy to have a more boring colour!

Acrylic blocks.... I don't like the flex you get with CD cases, but if you go to your local plastics fabricator they will often sell you offcuts of perspex etc very cheaply that you can cut with a circular saw into whatever sizes you want :D